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  • Patented flame plus blower technology lights any fire quickly and easily
  • Lights up to 30 fires before needing to be recharged
  • Ideal for lighting ceramic grills, fire-pits, fireplaces, wood-stoves, campfires and more
  • Recharge via USB and using standard butane fuel (we recommend Airlighter Fuel)
  • Added freatures include: Folding handle, LED work light, and bottle opener

The Bison Airlighter 520 is a cordless fire lighter that will light any type of charcoal, wood, or wood pellets in 60 seconds. It uses a patented torch flame and blower technology to ignite wood or coals quickly and then it spreads the heat to the rest of the fire with the built-in blower.

It is powered using a USB rechargeable battery and butane fuel. For best performance, we recommend using Bison's Airlighter Fuel, which is chef-grade, meaning it burns very clean and can be used directly on food to sear meats, caramelize sugars, etc. Lighting Charcoal Grills: To use the Airlighter simply aim the flame at the coals from a distance of about 3 inches. After you have about 2" of glow (10-20 seconds) switch to blower mode.

The blower will then spread the fire quickly. Lighting Fireplaces or Wood-stoves: We suggest to begin by warming the flu first by aiming the flame up the chimney for 20 seconds to start the draw of air. Then, simply aim the flame directly to your wood until it is lit. Switch to blower mode to spread the fire quickly. Boost your Fire: if you are grilling or lighting a wood fire, you can boost the flames and increase the heat by simply using the blower.

No need for Lighter Fluid or Starters: The Airlighter is strong enough to light your fire quickly without needing any chemical assistance. Your food will taste better and its much safer alternative to lighter fluid.

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