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Fire & Flavor’s story began years ago in a busy kitchen in Reynolds, Georgia. It began with a love of family, friends, and Southern cuisine. Today Fire & Flavor shares all kinds of ways to make food more delicious, more nutritious, and with less work. Sharing food at the table is a time when many memories are created. Laugher, love and happiness make our world a better place, and at Fire & Flavor we are glad to be able to contribute to your family’s culinary experience.

  • Enjoy all the brining essentials in a single kit
  • Brining Kit includes enough brine to prepare 1 large turkey plus 1 zip-top disposable bag large enough to hold turkey and 2 gallons of brine
  • Gluten and Nitrate Free
  • Simple Instructions
  • Kit includes turkey brining mix and large brine bagturkey brining mix made with dried apples, cranberries, sage, and other holiday herbs
  • Creates juicy tender turkey with crisp golden skin every time
  • Perfect way to spice up a holiday dinner
  • All natural, gluten free, nitrate free, and certified kosher

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