These blends are formulated to enhance flavors in food and not overpower with unnecessary additives and bulking ingredients. Uncle Bob's uses every effort in maximizing flavor, and some products are low sodium, while some are sugarfree!

Uncle Bob's Beef & Burger Spice 6oz
Very good on any beef application or any ground meat for burgers. also low sodium. - Uncle Bob's blends are formul..
Uncle Bob's Chicken Seasoning 6oz
Great for the traditional roasted chicken flavor, developed for supermarket rotisserie chickens, works very in all cooki..
Uncle Bob's Chili Margarita Blend 6oz
Chili Margarita Grilling Blend Chili Margarita, is a refreshing blend of honey, lime, and chili peppers. It works wel..
Uncle Bob's Cranberry Pepper Jelly 10oz
Just the right blend of cranberries, habaneros, and jalapeno peppers. Handmade in the Missouri Ozarks. It can be used as..
Uncle Bob's Rib Rub 12oz
Uncle Bob's Rib Rub works well on pork, chicken, beef brisket, burgers, and for that traditional "Low and Slow" for beef..
Uncle Bob's Sweet Louisiana Spice 6oz
Sweet Louisiana Spice A little heat with a little sweet, works great on all your favorite meats and vegetables. HCG p..
Uncle Bob's Blueberry Pepper Jelly 8oz
The perfect amount of jalapenos and habanaras gives this appetizer jelly just the right level of heat. Simply pour over ..
Uncle Bob's Smoke N' Apple Rub 6oz
The newest blend. Good apple flavor for smoking your favorite meats. Also low sodium. - Uncle Bob's blends are for..
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