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Announcing the XXL Big Green Egg

Announcing the XXL Big Green Egg

XXL is a BIG hit!!

Often acclaimed for its product quality, industry leading patented designs and technological innovations, Big Green Egg has further solidified its position as the undisputed category leader with the launch of the Big Green Egg XXL, the largest capacity high-performance ceramic grill in production today. Big Green Egg XXL was announced and unveiled to the world at HPBA Expo 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

Although the EGG is currently offered in five popular and versatile sizes, the introduction of the prototype “EGGzilla” several years ago made the company aware of demand for an even larger model. In response to consumer interest, research and development began immediately to address the challenge of creating not just a larger and even more versatile EGG, but one that would perform as flawlessly as the company’s other models.

When the testing was final and the quality standards of the company were met … and exceeded, the result was an EGG that would surpass anything available on the market today for size, performance, quality and versatility. But especially the size!

Large enough to roast a whole hog, 20 racks of ribs or 40 burgers, the Big Green Egg XXL is a culinary tool unlike any other! Chefs and backyard grillers alike will be astonished to see a stainless steel cooking grid that measures 29.25 inches / 74.3 cm in diameter for a whopping 672 square inches / 4336 cm2 of cooking area.

Like all EGGs in the Big Green Egg family, the XXL EGG can handle virtually any cooking need, from cooking low and slow for hours to flash searing at ultra high temperatures.

As fans have come to expect, the XXL accommodates numerous EGGcessories designed exclusively for the EGG — including a XXL Plate Setter — utilizing the full versatility of the EGG and making culinary possibilities endless. Its patented components and state-of-the-art ceramic technologies provide the best cooking results and will not deteriorate over time. And, of course, as the XXL is constructed from the same ultra high-quality ceramics as the other five EGG sizes, it comes with the same best-in-class limited lifetime warranty.

The XXL will be made available as a Limited Edition in 2013 at selected dealers around the world. Big Green Egg XXL will be available in full distribution in 2014.


XXL Big Green Egg