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DIY Table Plans for Big Green Egg

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X-Large   |   Large   |   Medium   |   Small

These are plans for building your own Wooden Table to hold your Big Green Egg!  Please read the following instructions and cautions before planning your build:

DO NOT PLACE AN EGG directly on a wood surface or on or near any combustible surface!

The bottom of the ceramic vessel does generate significant heat when in use, and may cause combustion if placed directly on – or in proximity to – any combustible material.

The EGG is designed to be used in a metal Nest or with a metal table Nest, providing an air gap below the EGG.

Alternately, a concrete paver block may be used to support the EGG when used in a table.

Download Plans for each EGG size

X-Large   |   Large   |   Medium   |   Small