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This innovative tool flips a rack of ribs, steaks, or even hot dogs on the grill and provides more ease and safety than a spatula or meat fork. Also useful for indoor cooking, the Pig Tail turns any food from chicken breasts and hot sandwiches to tortillas and bacon. The Pig Tail is essentially a curved hook at the end of a shaft that pierces the edge of any food and turns it with a flip of the wrist. The Pig Tail's hook and shaft are made of surgical-grade stainless-steel for strength and durability and the hook will not leave marks in your meat or cause meats to bleed.

  • 12-inch Pigtail flipper
  • Tapered, stainless steel shaft
  • Turns, flips, moves and carries food in a flash
  • Does not bleed or mark meats
  • Replaces tongs, forks, spatula

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