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This is the ultimate remote thermometer. The oversized and easy-to-read Redi-Chek digital remote thermometer is great for grillers cooking 2 types of meat at once. The unit comes with 2 FOOD PROBES and monitors each piece of meat separately. You can check meat temperatures up to 100ft away from the grill and the unit will alarm (beep and flash) when your food is done.

This model features count down and count up timers. The probe is high-temperature, heat resistant and can be used in the grill or in the oven. Batteries included.

  • Automatically sets the doneness level of meat -  Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Well!
  • Shows the temperature every five seconds!
  • Ensures that your food is cooked properly and safely!
  • Use as a thermometer, timer or clock!
  • Set your own temperature!
  • Count down or count up timer beeps you when done!
  • Great for barbecue or kitchen!

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