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Kick Ash Basket (Stainless) for Large Big Green Egg

The Kick Ash Basket lets you simply lift out used charcoal and ash before every cook. You can dispose of ashes and be ready for your next cook in seconds—no muss, no fuss. Just lift the Kick Ash Basket out and give it a few shakes over a trash can (make sure the fire is completely out!). Set the Kick Ash Basket back in place, add some fresh charcoal, and you're ready to go in seconds. Spaces between the Kick Ash Basket's rings allow the small particles to fall through when you shake the ashes out. You can start each cook with an ideal fuel load, whether you're searing steaks or going low and slow. You get easier starts and more even burning as the Kick Ash Basket lets you lift out the hot remaining charcoal and dispose of it properly.

CAUTION: Don't be a dumb ash! Obviously, you need to use some kind of serious heat resistant gloves. Lifting out the leftover hot coals allows your grill to cool down faster than ever before because you can leave the lid open and let it chill. You'll be able to pack up your valuable cooking and entertaining tool so that you can confidently enjoy the game!

NO HASSLE BBQ GRILLING – The Kick Ash Basket allows you to lift the whole batch of cold charcoal and shake the ash out, helping the remaining charcoal breathe and make starting the fire a lot quicker and easier.

HEAVY DUTY STAINLESS STEEL – Every Kick Ash Basket is made with heavy duty precision-welded stainless steel for extra durability, toughness and product longevity.

CONVENIENCE - The Kick Ash Basket lets you lift out the remaining charcoal to clean the left over lump from ash and small chunks that prevent efficient lighting. Better air flow creates better temperature control throughout your cook.

COMPATIBLE WITH KAMADO STYLE GRILLS – Ideal for the Large Big Green Egg, Large Grill Dome & Primo Kamado. Use with or without the standard charcoal grate.

LARGE CAPACITY - 9" Bottom Diameter, 14" Top Diameter, and 4.25" Depth

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