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Salt Rox Pink Himalayan Salt Turkey Brining Egg

Tenderizes poultry such as turkey as you cook. Makes your bird as moist as brining without the bag, water, bucket or mess. Dry brining reduces your cooking time by as much as half. Safety tested.

  • Reduces cook time by half
  • Tenderizes food naturally while you cook
  • Naturally antimicrobial and easy to clean
  • Multi - use product
  • Safety Tested

What makes Salt Rox™ the highest quality salt cookware available?

The difference is in the details…

Salt Rox™ is the only manufacturer that solely makes Himalayan Salt Block products, and they spent 2 years perfecting their patented process to make the cookware safe and durable. Salt Rox™ is also the original manufacturer of Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses and Poultry Seasoning Eggs. Other copy-cats have since begun producing similar but inferior products.

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