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FireDragon Multipurpose Fireplace Tool

The Fire dragon is an elegant 3' black powder-coated steel tubular shaft with a polished brass mouthpiece, allowing you to blow air into the heart of a fire: the tool to get your fire blazing quickly. Fire dragon is safe, easy and pleasant to use, both inside and out - ideal for woodstoves, fireplaces, barbecues, fire-pits, chimaeras, campfires. A gift item for anyone who appreciates a good fire! A must for all firewood users.

No bending down, no smoke in your eyes, no burnt fingers, no messy solvents, far more effective than bellows, jets air right into the fire, so minimal kindling required, forked end for moving logs, raking coals, etc. The Fire dragon principle was used during the American Civil War. Often struggling to start their campfires in damp or windy conditions, soldiers would place the barrels of their guns into the heart of the fire and blow. The Fire dragon achieves exactly the same result, and also doubles as a handy poker and fire rake.

  • An elegant and effective fireplace and BBQ tool which quickly gets your fire blazing
  • No need for fuels or other harmful solvents
  • Prongs for raking coals and turning logs with ease
  • Helps to keep a safe distance from the fire and smoke
  • Black power-coated steel shaft with polished brass mouthpiece

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