GrilLight LED BBQ Tools

Outdoor grilling is typically a daytime pursuit, but let's be real... the party rarely stops when the sun goes down. So don't limit your barbeque experience to the fleeting whims of the sun. Laugh in the face of the rapidly darkening sky and flip burgers n' brats until the stars come out with these innovative barbeque tools.

GrilLights incorporate high power LED flashlights into a restaurant-grade stainless steel frame designed to point the light exactly where you need—directly on your food. And, unlike other grill lights that cast a blue-ish hue, the LEDs have been precisely tuned to replicate daylight so you can see the true color of the food you're cooking. Get flipping with a spatula and gripping with tongs even when the sun isn't cooperating with GrilLight!

Shine on, you crazy griller!

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