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The GrateGriddle 13.75" x 9.75" Interlocking Griddle Plate

With the addition of the GrateGriddle to our family of products you now have the ability to cook virtually anything on your grill. Perfect for searing steaks and fish, does wonders for vegetables and have you ever cooked breakfast on your grill? Bacon and eggs are a delight!

  • Griddle doubles as a defroster plate
  • Interlocking sides allows seamless integration with GrillGrates
  • Lay on top of your GrillGrates or interlock to go beside them
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum measures 17.375" x 9.375"

Now you can sear and grill at the same time! The GrateGriddle doubles as a defroster plate for quicker thawing of frozen foods. Constructed of aluminum and then hard anodized to a create a surface hardness that is twice that of stainless steel. Will never rust and seasons with use. Interlocking sides allows for seamless integration into your current GrillGrate surface. Lay on top of your GrillGrates or interlock to go beside. Perfect for searing scallops, steaks, bacon or fish to get that coveted all over golden brown Maillard reaction.

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