Your friends say you could start a conversation with a wall. You probably got in trouble in school for being a talker, but this is the moment where all your social skills are about to pay off in the real world.

Are you a natural-born smiler?

Do you like helping people?

Do you want to LOVE coming to work every day?

Homeowners dream of having the perfect backyard; A sanctuary primed for good conversations, bodacious barbecue, and memories made with their best friends. Our company exists to make those dreams come true, but it goes far beyond the equipment we offer for sale.

You see, most people have an idea of what they want, but they need someone to help them see it.  That's where you come in.

You said you like to help people, right?  Well, how would you like to help people plan and achieve their backyard dreams?

Spending money on home improvements can be intimidating. But we're betting that your shining, helpful attitude will melt the ice, and warm them up enough to take the first step in creating an outdoor space they've always wanted.

Zig Ziglar said it best when he proclaimed: "Help enough people get what they want, and you will get what you want." That's exactly what we come to work to do. Every decision in our business is made on this principle. We just happen to sell beautiful, life-changing outdoor living spaces.

Our company has a 23-year reputation for intense customer service, and we need the next team member to help keep the good vibes alive.

Can you be our hero?

As an Outdoor Home Director of Customer Success, your smile will greet customers in our showroom and inspire them to build their perfect outdoor living experience. Your customers will love you because you'll be one of the few that actually listened to them and put their needs first. And YOU will love YOU because you'll leave work every day knowing that you made a difference.

This is a base + bonus job. You need to have drive and pride in helping achieve a bigger goal for our team. Every time you help our customer reach the next step, you'll be rewarded!

We are a team-focused company. We look out for each other and we do the right thing. If you are a liar, a drama queen or an excuse-maker, do not apply. We simply don't tolerate those things here. We have important work to do, and important people to do it for. 

We believe in work hard play hard. This is retail, we "work" on Saturdays so if you're a weekends-off kinda person, this isn't the job for you. Earning potential is upward of 60K per year, and the harder you work the more you'll be rewarded!

If you have the kind of attitude and abundance of grit we're talking about, that is enough! We can train all other skills except for attitude and grit. Those are natural qualities.

Do you have them?

We want to meet you!

Send your resume to with the subject line "Ice Melter," and we'll be in touch!

(Bonus points for resumes that prove your bodacious personality)