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This apple wood hot smoked salmon recipe is absolutely delicious, but not only that, our easy recipe means you hardly have to lift a finger. The prep for this recipe is done almost entirely the night before, making it perfect for days when you’d rather be socialising than prepping ingredients and monitoring your food. Just stick it on the EGG and forget about it for few hours!


  • 1 Side of Salmon
  • 8oz Dark Brown Sugar
  • 4oz Sea Salt
  • 4 Cloves of Garlic, crushed and finely chopped
  • 1 tsp Cracked black pepper
  • Apple Smoking Chips
  • 1 Smoking Plank


The night before

  1. The night before you'd like to cook your salmon, mix together the sugar, salt, garlic, and pepper and cover the salmon with a generous coating on both sides.
  2. Place the salmon on a plate and wrap the plate and salmon in cling film. Refrigerate overnight, preferably for 8-10 hours.

The morning

  1. First thing in the morning remove your salmon from the fridge, pour away the liquid on the plate and thoroughly rinse the salmon. If in doubt, rinse the salmon some more, or it may retain a salty taste.
  2. The salmon should feel stiff and have a slightly darker, richer color.
  3. Wrap the salmon in a clean cloth and return to the fridge for one hour to draw out any excess moisture. After an hour, remove the cloth and return to the fridge to dry for a further two hours.
  4. Now's a good time to soak your Apple Smoking Chips in some water. These need around 30 minutes.

Prepare your EGG

  1. Now it's time to light your EGG. This will be a long cook, so make sure you have plenty of charcoal in your EGG and open the draft door and dual function metal top fully, and light with one or two Natural Instant Fire Starters.
  2. Leave the dome open for 10 minutes, then close it for a further 10 minutes, and close the dual function metal cap so it is about 1/4 open.
  3. Put in your apple chips and ConvEGGtor (plate setter) with the legs up and stainless steel searing grid.
  4. Set up your DigiQ DX2 BBQ Guru. Place your Pit Viper in the open Draft Door. Plug the wire with the crocodile clip into the 'Pit Temperature' port and the wire with the probe into the 'Food Temperature' port.
  5. Insert the probe into the thickest part of the salmon, and attach the clip to the stainless steel grid. Set your DigiQ to a goal temperature of 80°C Pit Temperature and 70°C Food Temperature.
  6. When you close your EGG, be careful to make sure the wires of the DigiQ are sat directly above one of the legs of the ConvEGGtor (plate setter). This shields them from the direct heat of the charcoal and stops them getting damaged.
  7. When the EGG is at the correct temperature, place your salmon fillet on the plank and in the EGG.
  8. You're done! Just wait for the DigiQ to tell you the Salmon has reached the correct internal temperature.

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