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Quesadillas are well-known in Mexican cuisine. Here, we use the Cast Iron Skillet to prepare this delicacy. You could also prepare them on the flat side of the (Half Moon) Cast Iron Plancha Griddle or even in a Dutch Oven placed on the grid of the Big Green Egg. Using a Dutch Oven will make it slightly harder to neatly arrange, turn over and remove the quesadillas from the pan. A spatula would be of great assistance here.


  • 4 large Flour Tortillas
  • 3 cups Shredded Cheddar Jack Cheese
  • 3 New Mexico Hatch Chiles, roasted, peeled and seeded, diced


  1. Set the EGG for direct cooking (no convEGGtor) at 425°F/218°C with a Cast Iron Plancha Griddle.
  2. Place 1 tortilla on a flat surface. Sprinkle with 1/2 of the cheese and chile. Cover with another tortilla and set aside. Repeat for the remaining tortillas.
  3. Place the filled tortillas on the Plancha and cook until the tortilla turns a nice brown color and the cheese begins to melt. Flip them over and repeat for the other side.

Makes 2 large quesadillas

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