Somebody walks in the door. They say they need a spatula. But your intuition tells you there’s more to this story.

A clerk would simply ring them up and send them on their way, but you’re no clerk.

You, my friend, are a special breed that knows how to find the need behind the ask. So you chat with them more about what they’re cooking. You find out they’re hoping to grill a perfect piece of salmon without it breaking, to impress a special someone. You quickly match their dilemma with a few solutions you just so happen to have on your shelf. 

Now they’re leaving with four items they need instead of one spatula that would have let them down.

Yep. You saw this coming and you stepped in and did something about it. That’s because you are a true Consultant, and you know what the hell you’re doing!

Clerks ring things up. Sales-people push products people don’t need. But Consultants meet people where they are, and take them where they need to go; a place they couldn’t have reached by themselves.

As a Consultant, you know how much a smile can change a moment. You know that you only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression. And you’d rather skinny dip with piranhas than let someone roam your store unguided.

That’s because you get what relational sales are all about. You know the customer isn’t hoping for just the item, they are hoping for an awesome experience while finding it.

Like we said, you know what the hell you’re doing.

(PS - That guy you helped impressed the special someone. She said yes, they got married, had babies and they lived happily ever after. Just think of what could have happened if you’d let that poor bastard leave with just a spatula!)

Working at Outdoor Home is a calling where you will be rewarded for your helpful nature and not-so-common-sense approach to sales. Are you ready to join a team of other people who freaking get it? If so, Outdoor Home is growing, and we think our company needs another person just like you. 

As an Outdoor Experience Consultant, you will guide our customers through the journey of building their dream backyard with the best barbecue and outdoor furniture products in the world. We’re looking for someone who knows that selling is a job of listening before anything else. Our perfect candidate is someone who can shoot the bull with a customer before ever bringing up merchandise. 

What’s their outdoor space like? What do they use it for? How big is their family? What do they like to cook? These are the questions you ask without thinking twice. 

No matter if your customer wants to grill a world-class steak, be the best party host in the neighborhood, or just relax in a chair that will make them forget they even had feet, you will have the products at your disposal to absolutely rock their world.

Rocking people's world feels good, doesn’t it?

If the only thing you know how to do is shout BUY BUY BUY then go apply for a gig with *NSYNC. But if you know the tune, “HELP!” then we would love to talk to you!

A few details you should know:

This is a 9a-6p gig. A few times a year we’ll need you to help out with the occasional after-hours event. But don’t worry, you’ll always be fed like a king!

This is a full-time gig. No part-timers on this one… sorry.

This is a job that demands you be a self-starter. If you are the kind that needs a kick in the pants, weekly sympathy for why you're late, or a reminder of how to stay busy, please move on. You simply will not make it here.

You don't need to be a BBQ pro, an outdoor designer, or a seasoned sales-person to fit in. All of these things will help, but your attitude and work ethic is what really matters! 

If you're still reading this and your inner Consultant is nodding its head, we want to meet you!

Email us your resume with #NotAClerk in the subject line to careers@outdoorhome.com. Bonus points for references and resumes that don’t make us yawn!

Double bonus points if you send us a video about yourself!