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Dizzy Pig CROSSROADS Shaker (6.9oz)

Dizzy Pig CROSSROADS Shaker (6.9oz)


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CROSSROADS 6.9oz Shaker

When you think of classic barbecue, you think of barbecued chicken, ribs, pork butt, sausage, and brisket. Crossroads was designed to add a perfectly balanced true southern barbecue flavor to anything cooked on the smoker or grill. Already known for unique, creative and complex yet balanced flavors, Dizzy Pig has done it again with this return to traditional American BBQ. A 2016 release, we've received many complements about the true authentic roots of this delicious rub.

Slightly sweet, earthy, round and delicious, Crossroads is ideal for chicken, ribs, pork shoulder and Boston butt. It combines chilies with classic BBQ spices for an enhanced flavor profile that lets natural meaty tastes shine through. We've heard this rub reminds people of the finest barbecue they've ever put in their mouth, which we take as a high praise. And let's not lie, we agree with completely.


Mild heat level
Perfect balance of spice and pepper
Slightly sweet
Round and delicious

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Pork ribs
Pork shoulder


Pork chops
Pork tenderloin

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