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How to Light & Maintain Temperature of a Big Green Egg

Quick and Easy to Start

The core design of the Big Green Egg is all about using 100% natural lump charcoal as you cook with live fire. Lump charcoal lights quickly and heats up to cooking temperature in minutes without using lighter fluid. The patented precision-flow draft door at the bottom controls the amount of air entering the Fire Box. This, combined with the air-tight ceramic cooking chamber and rEGGulator vent cap provides precise temperature control with the touch of your hand.

loading charcoal in the big green egg

Loading Charcoal

Start by filling the ceramic Fire Box or the Stainless Steel Fire Bowl to the top with Big Green Egg Natural Lump Charcoal. The Golden Rule: never use quick light charcoal products or briquettes as they contain fillers, nitrates, chemicals, and other petroleum additives which can penetrate the porous ceramic interior and impart a chemical off taste to the food. Big Green Egg lump charcoal is premium carbonized wood with NO additives whatsoever.

Lighting the EGG

Most people find lighting the fire a satisfying process that adds to the enjoyment and excitement of cooking on the EGG. Cooking with a live fire delivers incredible, hassle-free results with amazing flavors.

Now, the original way to light the EGG was with Speedilight Charcoal Starters. These little blocks of compressed sawdust are coated with natural paraffin wax. Nestle 1-2 Charcoal Starters into the lump charcoal and light. After eight to ten minutes, you're ready to cook!

Today, there are multiple EGGcessories that are equally fast and all-natural options for lighting your lump charcoal:

different ways to light a big green egg

Electric Charcoal Starter

To start, nestle the round heating coil directly into the lump charcoal. Then, plug-in this handy device, with a heat-resistant handle, and you're cooking in minutes without striking a match!

Electric EGGniter

Simply place the tip of the EGGniter 1/2" from the coals, flip the switch, and watch as the super-heated air ignites the coal in just minutes. Once the coals are burning, you're ready to cook!

Butane EGGniter

With the battery-powered, refillable Butane EGGniter, simply press the button and the adjustable torch flame will ignite the charcoal. Then use the built-in air blower to boost the fire and you're ready to cook!

Temperature Control

PRO TIP: Think of the top and bottom dampers as the gas and brake pedals on your vehicle. The bottom vent (gas pedal) sucks oxygen in through the draft door and fuels the burning lump charcoal. The rEGGulator (brake pedal) allows the spent oxygen and smoke to escape and make room for more air.

It's much easier than it seems because it really all just comes down to airflow. To get you started, we came up with the following guidelines to help you reach a few common cooking temperatures.

DOWNLOAD the free guide and keep in on your phone for reference.

how to put out a big green egg

Extinguishing the Fire

Let's talk about how to wrap up your cook! When you're all finished, just shut those dampers all the way to cut off the airflow. This will put out the fire and save any leftover lump charcoal for your next cook. Keep in mind that the ceramic walls hold onto heat like nobody's business, so it'll take some time for everything to cool down and the coals to die out. Whatever you do, don't use water to put out those coals! Instead, wait at least 24 hours until all the ash is totally cool before you remove it from the Ash Removal Pan. Easy peasy, right?

Re-Lighting the EGG

After your cook, you might notice some unused natural lump charcoal still hanging out in the Fire Box or Stainless Steel Fire Bowl. No need to toss it - save it for next time you fire up your EGG! Before you get started, use the Ash Tool to rake those coals over the Fire Grate. This'll help any ash fall through the holes in the grate. Then, just remove the ash with the Ash Removal Pan from the bottom, add some fresh charcoal to fill it up, and light it up! Easy as can be.

re lighting a big green egg

Helpful EGGcessories

These tools are designed to make using your EGG even more convenient and enjoyable.

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