Grinders Death Nectar 3.5oz

Grinders Death Nectar 3.5oz


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Experience a taste of Grinders at home with our award-winning DEATH NECTAR Sauce. Apply it on chicken wings, barbeque, marinade, or a dipping sauce. Use the intense flavors & inferno-like heat of Grinders DEATH NECTAR for good & not evil.

337,000 Scoville units!

**NOTE: This sauce is so f’ng hot it will blow your mind & burn off a few taste buds. Not intended for children under 18 or cry-babies of any age. **

***contains shellfish

**Winner of the 2013 Houston Hot Sauce Festival Peoples Choice Awards: Hottest of Hot Sauce & Best Ghost Pepper Sauce.

**2013 Hot Pepper Award for X Hot Wing Sauce: 2nd Place

3.5oz flask-style glass bottle